Model 245

Product Description

The next time you hit the road, why not do it in comfort?

With a Comfort Ride™ hitch by ROADMASTER, fifth wheels track as smooth as a Zamboni. A proprietary closed-cell suspension system works to absorb energy at the microscopic level, virtually eliminating towing vibrations before they’re transferred to the truck — and then to your back.

Since the suspension system absorbs energy instead of displacing it, chucking is reduced by 90 percent over other systems, including air bags. And unlike air bags, Comfort Ride’s suspension is maintenance-free, requires no air compressor and can never leak or blow out.

A four-way articulating coupler with a proprietary latching/engagement system is standard on all models; all models accommodate virtually all long-bed or short-bed trucks (no slider necessary) and mount to the standard four-pin, OEM mounting rail systems available on most late-model GM, Ford and Ram trucks. Or, they can be mounted to a B & W turnover ball system.

An extra-long handle engages the one-inch jaws that wrap the kingpin at a one-sixteenth-of-an-inch tolerance. The handle makes it easy to reach the hitch from the side of the truck, even if it’s a dually. After the kingpin is driven into the saddle, the handle can be locked in place to secure the hitch.

Which is all it takes to hit the road — in comfort.

Download the instruction manual here.

Additional features include:

  • Closed-cell suspension system reduces chucking by 90 percent
  • Made of high-strength A36 steel
  • Self-lubricating anti-friction pad
  • Energy absorbing
  • Proprietary cellular technology
  • Proprietary EZ lock coupler
  • Smooth riding highway and residential pulling
  • Similar to air ride hitch and precision custom hitches
  • Anti-friction pad installed
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Cellular suspension = smoother ride
  • 4-way articulating coupler eliminates stress on trailer pin
  • Virtually eliminates road bumps
  • Automatic locking of coupler jaws
  • Any of our hitches can be mounted with the four pin standard rail mounting system
  • Tunable for any weight trailer up to 24K
  • Weighs 180 lbs
  • 24,000 lbs towing capacity
  • 5,000 lbs pin capacity
  • Operating height: 12″-20″ adjustable